Why Choose Design and Construct?

If you’re planning a new home build, design and construct could be a great option for you. This means that the design and construction of your new home is managed by one person. Rather than you acting as the middleman between architect, builder, engineer and designer, one party (generally the builder) will look after the entire process for you.

The design and construct process offers maximum flexibility. Your design and construct project manager will oversee the entire design phase and building process efficiently and professionally, ensuring that issues and roadblocks are avoided as early as possible.

How is Design and Construct different?

Generally, the most difficult part of any building process is establishing the budget and designing the home accordingly. With so many variables including site conditions, building materials and style, it is hard for a client or an architect/building designer to know how much to budget until a plan is prepared. Even when there is a budget in mind, including everything on a client’s wish list and including additional features as the design evolves, can see the initial budget blown out very quickly.

This is why design and construct is such an invaluable approach. When a client engages a design and construct builder, the builder is involved from the very beginning of the process. This ensures they understand the design brief, expectations and talk to the client transparently about their budget from the get-go.

During the initial meeting, all of the above items are discussed, and the client and builder can decide which building designer or architect would be best suited to the project. This is often determined by the budget and the level of architectural flair desired by the client.

As part of our preliminary design process at Tallwood, we obtain an estimate from an independent quantity surveyor to indicate the anticipated cost of a project. We repeat this process at the development application stage, to ensure budget blowout is never an option.

While your builder and architect are incredibly important when it comes to your new home, a structural engineer is equally important. By involving a builder from the start, you are ensuring that the structure of the home will be designed by an engineer the builder feels confident with and who can access in-depth information of your site conditions.

Once your design and construct builder has chosen an engineer and architect / building designer and created working drawings, they will obtain the following:

  • Feature Survey of the Land
  • Development Application and Approval
  • Energy Efficiency Report
  • Bush Fire Attach Level Certification
  • Compliance Design Certification

The above information is then collated into the contract, which also includes architectural and structural drawings, specifications and schedule of finishes. Prior to providing a fixed price quotation, experience has shown that finalising the selection of all materials is critical. At Tallwood, we advise the client about what decisions are required and assist them with where best to make selections and complete the schedule of finishes.

What does it cost for a Design and Construct quote?

The above should be expertly coordinated by a design and construct builder. The only cost to the client should be the reimbursement of out of pocket expenses incurred by the builder. The client will be provided with quotes from the relevant experts at every stage and work should only proceed after approval from a client.

One of the major advantages of the builder coordinating all the above steps is that they’re working with a team they know are most cost effective, can perform on time and are experts in their field.

How do we do it at Tallwood?

We’ll provide you with a fixed price quotation within 4 weeks of the contract package being completed. Once the quote is accepted by the client, we lodge the building permit with the local authority and will commence on site within 2 weeks of having the contract signed and building permit issued.

We want to build you the best home we can, as affordably and quickly as possible. We believe being a builder is a privilege. Our philosophy is to make the experience as pleasurable and smooth as possible. If you’re ready to design and construct a new home, get in touch with Alex and the team at Tallwood today.

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